Exploring Consciousness

Embark on a transformative expedition with the Exploring Consciousness workshop from the Monroe Institute®

The Exploring Consciousness workshop offers the opportunity  to engage in consciousness exploration, self-discovery, and personal transformation. You will “learn by doing”. You will get to know and use  dozens of “consciousness tools” which have many practical applications in your everyday life. This isn’t just another seminar. It’s an actionable experience, offering you hands-on tools – practical instruments that will serve as your compass in the maze of daily life.

In this course you will experience and use Focus 10 (the state of body asleep and mind awake) and Focus 12 (the state of expanded awareness) to find your inner guidance, learn tools to help you heal yourself and others, solving problems, exploring issues and work with your own internal energy.

Workshop benefits and experiences (both during the workshop and afterward) vary considerably, but participants typically report the following:

Stress reduction

Techniques for achieving a state of calm and reducing everyday stress.

Expanded awareness

Discover new realities and perspectives, beyond the limits of ordinary  perception.

Access to inner guidance

Explore your self for continuous and authentic evolution..

Insights regarding issues in life

Understand and overcome the mental barriers that prevent you from reaching your true potential.

Mental calm and clarity

Improve your concentration and clarity of thought.

Physical and emotional healing

Advance in all aspects of your life – mentally, emotionally, spiritually and energetically.

Release of fears and limiting beliefs

Understand and overcome the mental barriers that prevent you from reaching your true potential.

Enhanced concentration and learning

Experience the state of synchronization of the cerebral hemispheres and discover the benefits of this harmony.

All of this intensive knowledge and personal development program is supported by Hemi-Sync® binaural tone audio technology

What does Hemi-Sync® do for you?

Imagine wearing headphones that play slightly different sounds in each ear. 100 Hz in one ear – 104 Hz in the other. Your brain listens to these sounds and does something very interesting – it combines them to create a new type of signal. This third signal does not produce a sound that you can hear and is called a binaural beat. Hemi-Sync technology uses binaural tones to synchronize the two hemispheres of your brain. This stimulation is similar to training your mental muscles at the gym. This unique process of hemispheric synchronization has an incredible impact on your mind.


What you experience during this two-day intensive workshop?

Brain and cosmos

Day 1 – Focus® 10

On the first day you will enter the state called Focus® 10. Focus® 10 is the first stage of separating consciousness from physical reality. It is the state called “Mind awake / Body asleep”, a state of relaxation deep in which the body will sleep peacefully, while the mind, eager for exploration, will survey realms unknowns of the extended state of consciousness. You will learn how to move safely from one state to another, from the state of deep inner relaxation to the life of the outer world and back again.

Day 2 – Focus® 12

Building on the experiences of Day 1, participants learn to access Focus 12, which Bob associated with an “expanded state of consciousness.” Focus 12 is an ideal state for getting answers to questions, solving and exploring problems/solutions to problems. Each person can establish a connection with their own inner wisdom, with the self, so that information and insights can be received from a deep source of “knowing” that exists beyond the conscious mind. Participants also practice conscious dissociation from the physical body in preparation for voluntary transition into out-of-body states (Out of Body Experience). Participants will experience and learn additional tools and techniques that can be practiced to further their exploration of consciousness and their everyday application.

Monroe Institute

The Monroe Institute is a non-profitorganization that operates as research and education organization, dedicated to the exploration of human consciousness and the well-being of humanity. It is known internationally for its results obtained with audio sound patterns, which can have extremely beneficial effects on states of consciousness.

The methodology of the Monroe Institute does not contain any kind of dogma, it is not subordinated to any system of beliefs, ideologies or religions, nor to any political or social position. Because the Monroe Institute methods are non-invasive, participants always exercise their free will.


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